About us

Hi my name is Abby, I am 24 years old and with the help of my fiancé founded Roobea Jewellery in 2021 during lockdown. Inspired by the beautiful beaches of Cornwall, making jewellery is now my not only my hobby but my career (part time!). All of my jewellery is inspired by our beach trips and our sandy spaniel Rufus. Sea glass which is often used in our jewellery and my favourite items to make is picked up on our holidays as a trio. 

Working from home for a short period meant I had more time to learn and develop my skills. I completed a course during 2019, since then its been it's been lots early mornings and late nights teaching myself what I know today!  

I use Sterling silver as my main material, but often will make some gold filled pieces. I'm also looking forward to exploring gold this year. 

We believe that no outfit is complete without a piece of jewellery! 

Pleas keep an eye on our website and social medias for new pieces and collections. 

Abby (Bea) x



A few pictures of our trips picking treasures.